We are passionate about helping growth marketers and leaders make smarter go-to-market decisions. Our team takes a multidisciplinary approach using marketing, technology, human behavioral sciences, high-performance computing, advanced intelligent systems, and big data solutions to deliver meaningful insights for smarter decisions options.

Meet the crew:

Anand Thaker - Founder, CEO

(MarTech, Marketing Intelligence, Decision Support, Growth Strategy) A 15 year veteran in marketing technology and growth strategy. His expertise includes marketing, sales, data, analytics, and intelligent systems.

Amy Sharma

(Lead, Data Science) She leads a team of high performance computing problem solvers who apply their knowledge to multiple problem spaces including: big data, data analytics, parallel computing, and high performance architectures.

Rahim Shariff

(Technology Integration & Operations) Rahim is an experienced software engineer who specializes in integration, business process automation, and enterprise architecture.

Parag Metha

(Information Governance, Data Privacy) Parag is a seasoned lawyer with a consulting background where he brings more than 10+ years of professional experience to a broad variety of industries.

Lee Somerhalder

(Marketing Operations) "I'm the illegitimate love-child of Marketing strategy and technology." Lee brings 14 years of B2B experience building incredibly lean methodologies that propagate rapid sales growth and drive brand identity.

Megan Sheehan

(High-Growth Startup, Political Strategy) Megan is a growth marketer with over 7 years' experience creating successful digital marketing campaigns and deploy MarTech in fast-paced environments including startups, agencies, political campaigns, and Fortune 500 companies.


Meet ROI, our foster elephant. She was orphaned due to poaching, however is under the wonderful care of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust at Nairobi National Park in Kenya. She is an inspiration for her adaptability, tenacity, and youthful spirit. Follow her diary at DSWT.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust