Our Collective

We are passionate about helping growth marketers and leaders make smarter go-to-market decisions. Our team takes a multidisciplinary approach using marketing, technology, human behaviorial sciences, high-performance computing, advanced intelligent systems, and big data solutions to deliver meaningful insights for smarter decisions options.

Meet the crew:

Anand Thaker

Founder, CEO

Specialties: MarTech, Marketing Intelligence, Decision Support, Growth Strategy

To succeed in a diverse, dynamic, interconnected marketplace, modern leaders must leverage the right mix of data, intelligent solutions, and judgment. He founded IntelliPhi to advance human & digital go-to-market decision intelligence for growth leaders.

Anand Thaker is a 15 year veteran in marketing technology and growth strategy. His expertise includes marketing, sales, data, analytics, and intelligent systems.

To succeed in a diverse, dynamic, interconnected marketplace, modern leaders must leverage the right mix of data, intelligent solutions, and judgment. He founded IntelliPhi to advance human & digital go-to-market decision intelligence for growth leaders. He is also the co-collaborator of the Martech 5000.

His experience building and growing high-growth product startups and consulting firms in Marketing Technology to enterprise firms such as Siemens, Silverpop/IBM, Microsoft, Blackstone, Capgemini, GTRI, Salesforce.com, Fidelity, NYSE, and eBay. Anand also serves as a liaison and advisor to investors, founders, executives, and analysts on Marketing Technology. He also has a knack for identifying and cultivating rising sales and marketing leaders.

He’s also an active supporter, investor, and mentor of the Atlanta startup community.

Amy Sharma

Lead, Data Science

She leads a team of high performance computing problem solvers who apply their knowledge to multiple problem spaces including: big data, data analytics, parallel computing, and high performance architectures.

Dr. Sharma has worked in many aspects of the engineering field: designing hardware logic for advanced server microprocessors at IBM, obtaining a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Duke University, working as an Assistant Program Manager for the National Science Foundation, working as an Assistant Professor at the University of Western Australia, and managing a $1M annual Independent Research and Development (IRAD) program as Assistant Chief Engineer for the Cyber Technology and Information Security Laboratory (CTISL).

Outside of work, Dr. Sharma enjoys volunteering with various STEM outreach organizations, and smoking meat.

Rahim Shariff

Technology Integration & Operations

Rahim is a software engineer who specializes in integration, business process automation, and enterprise architecture.

He has successfully implemented numerous projects in various sectors including healthcare, financial services, government, education, and information technology.

More recently, Rahim has been heavily involved in CRM implementations and data optimization in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, and Zoho. He is also highly experienced in mobile, web, and database development.

Rahim holds both a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

David Ediger

Data Intelligence, Visualization

David holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech. He is a lead developer of STINGER, the fastest open-source graph database for streaming, semantic networks.

Parag Mehta

Information Governance, Data Privacy

Parag Mehta is a seasoned lawyer with a consulting background where he brings more than 10+ years of professional experience to a broad variety of industries.

Clients benefit from his pragmatic approach to ensure low risk exposure through a assessment methodology of litigation matters and improving compliance though the creation of information governance & corporate data retention policies and implementation strategies.

Jason Poovey

Data Analytics, HPC Development

Jason’s expertise spans from designing novel computer architectures to developing high performance backend algorithms to developing usable web tools to interact with and analyze data. I have been an active developer of STINGER, an open-source graph platform for analysis of massive streaming graphs.

His prior work includes solving problems ranging from multi-level cache coherency, novel memory architectures, workload characterization, streaming data analytics, graph algorithms, processing near memory, and social media analysis.

Lee Somerhalder

Marketing Operations

“I’m the illegitimate love-child of Marketing strategy and technology”

Lee Somerhalder brings 14 years of B2B experience building incredibly lean methodologies that propagate rapid sales growth and drive brand identity. Laser focused on the people, process and technology around Lead and Demand Generation, Marketing campaigns, CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Deliverability, Lead to Revenue Cycle Management, Conversion Optimization, and Advertising, Lee champions Marketing efficacy and drives tangible results.

The Marketing world is evolving rapidly, leaving massive opportunity for competitive gain through efficient process design. Lee quickly navigates this ecosystem and delivers Marketing functions that scale intelligently.

Megan Sheehan

High-Growth Startup, Political Strategy

Megan is a growth marketer with over 7 years’ experience creating successful digital marketing campaigns in fast-paced environments. She has worked with startups, agencies, political campaigns, and Fortune 500 companies to implement creative leading edge marketing technologies. Megan spent 4 years managing digital campaigns for political groups in Boston and DC and currently focuses on customer acquisition for high-growth startups in Atlanta.